Windsor Motor Group Commited to a Sustainable Future

The Windsor Motor Group & Nissan Ireland Headquarters, powered by EVs, was officially opened by Minister Richard Bruton in July 2019.

Windsor Motor Group, in partnership with Nissan Ireland, are leading the charge on adopting renewable energy and reducing their carbon footprint. On June 23rd, 2019, Windsor & Nissan’s Dublin Headquarters in Park West Business Park unveiled their newly refurbished offices, complete with solar panels and EV charging points.

Utilising the innovative new Nissan X-Storage technology, the revamped 3-story office building now runs almost entirely on renewable energy. The roof of the building has been completely overlaid with large solar panels which take solar energy to be used to power the building, and stored in the X-Storage System, located in the building’s main lobby. The storage system saves up left-over energy gathered on sunny days to be used in the evenings and on occasions when the sun is limited.

Adding to the solar panel are 4 new Electric Car charging stations. Thanks to the ground-breaking technology Nissan have created, the X-Storage can also draw energy from the all-electric Nissan LEAF parked outside, thanks to their built-in bi-directional charging capacity; which makes it possible to supply energy stored in the car’s battery pack, back to the 3-storey building.

Windsor Motor Group are also driving Ireland’s green revolution with their impressive EV sales figures. Between all-electric passenger cars such as the Nissan LEAF and Renault Zoe, and vans such as the Renault Kangoo ZE and Nissan eNV200, Windsor Motor Group are Ireland’s leading Electric Vehicle sellers.

Furthering their commitment to a greener future, Windsor staff are being encouraged to make the switch to EVs; with 16 more EV charge points currently being installed at headquarters; making “range-anxiety” a thing of the past for EV owners who will be able to seamlessly charge up at home and at work.

Speaking at the launch of the refurbished Headquarters, Windsor Motor Group MD Peter Nicholson commented on Windsor Motors' ongoing push to increase the number of EVs in Ireland, and make the lives of EV drivers easier.

“We are dedicated to increasing the awareness of electric vehicles and helping Ireland reduce our emissions. Our new sustainable Head Quarters will be complimented by our new EV hub in Windsor MotorMall, which will also include a dedicated Electric Vehicle Hub with up to 20 free charging points. The EV hub will be a go-to destination for anyone who is thinking about buying an EV or who has already made the switch to zero emissions, EV driving. The Windsor LCV Centre will also provide commercial van customers with expert product knowledge and service to keep their business on the road.”

Speaking at the launch of the refurbished Headquarters, Nissan Ireland CEO James McCarthy has called on other business and the Government to also make greater strides to reduce their carbon footprint.

“Businesses and government need to evaluate their environmental credentials including looking at their fleet and company car policies to determine whether they are part of the problem or part of the solution. In addition to the clear environmental benefits from doing so, there can also be significant financial savings for businesses bottom line in the form of Accelerated Capital Allowance benefits, 0% BIK and vehicle running costs savings”, he said.

“…We are absolutely committed to becoming a more sustainable business and to continuing to reduce our carbon footprint and to helping businesses and householders to follow our lead,” said Mr. McCarthy.

“[We are} changing how cars are integrated into society. Nissan LEAF drivers can now use their zero emissions electric cars for much more than just driving. We have made it possible for them to easily connect their cars with energy systems to charge their batteries, to power their homes and businesses or even feed energy back to power grids and earn energy credits,” he added.

Continuing the theme of renewable energy and sustainability, Windsor & Nissan staff and guests attending the opening of the new headquarters were treated to “Carbon Free” ice cream. Utilising a concept Zero Emissions Ice Cream Van, based on the Nissan e-NV200. The van itself is powered by the same 40kWh battery as the standard eNV200, while the on-board ice cream equipment is all powered by the newly unveiled Nissan Energy ROAM – a portable lithium-ion cell power pack made from recovered early first-generation Nissan electric vehicles.

If you want to join the Electric revolution and switch to an EV for yourself or your business, Windsor Motor Group has 9 Nissan and 2 Renault dealerships in Dublin, Wicklow, Meath and Galway, where all-electric cars and vans can be purchased.

To find out more, book a test drive, or learn about the benefits of owning an EV, contact your local Windsor Nissan or Windsor Renault dealership.