Mental health Day

To commemorate World Mental Health Day, we are highlighting the Employee Assistance Programme available to all Windsor employees. In this digital age, it is great to see the amount of support and awareness surrounding mental health on social platforms. Lack of awareness surrounding social issues can be the root problem. The sense of 'taboo' around talking about mental health is finally starting to melt away, and more initiatives, programmes, and services are becoming more available to every sector of society.

Windsor offers all their employees access to free counselling through the Employee Assistance Programme. With this programme, you can speak to a healthcare professional via whichever channel you feel most comfortable with, whether that's a call, FaceTime, or in person. Employees can talk to their manager or call a direct number to the agency.

A range of issues are dealt with by EAP, including:

• Stress at work

• Difficult relationships at work (including bullying)

• Traumatic events

• Addictions

• Personal issues outside of work (e.g., bereavement, relationships)

The service provides the following on a confidential basis:

• Professional assessment

• Personal support

• Counselling

• Referral onwards to other professional resources where appropriate

• Trauma support

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed at work, especially in a fast-paced industry such as the automotive sector, is completely normal. Having the opportunity to discuss work or life pressure is the first step in relieving some of the expectations we place on ourselves. We all need a helping hand or a friendly ear from time to time; if that’s you, please ask or seek help.