Nissan LEAF FAQs

It’s understandable that buying an electric vehicle brings many questions. After all, we all know what to expect when it comes to investing in a petrol or diesel model. To help allay any concerns, we’re pleased to provide a number of frequently asked questions related to electric vehicles.

Are electric vehicles more expensive to buy?


The initial purchase price of an all-electric vehicle such as the New Nissan LEAF often puts motorists off investing. However, as more and more manufacturers have entered the electric vehicle market, prices have started to drop considerably. In addition, motorists living in Ireland have the opportunity to benefit from a government grant that reduces the vehicle’s cost by up to €5,000. As such, the initial outlay - combined with savings related to spending on fuel or maintenance - means that the price is more than competitive.

When is the best time to charge an electric vehicle?


Charging your vehicle can be done any time of day and regardless of where you are. If you’re at work or on the road, you will be able to used one of the many charge points available, while at home you can charge using your own charging port or even via mains electricity. When at home, of course, it pays to charge your vehicle overnight, not least because it’s when electricity tariffs are at their lowest. Plus, with the New Nissan LEAF taking 7.5 hours to reach a full charge, setting it to be ready for the morning commute is ideal.

Where can I find charging points?


Electric vehicles are becoming more popular by the day. As such, more and more charging points are springing up around Ireland and across Europe, making it easier than ever to find somewhere to top up your vehicle’s battery. The New Nissan LEAF is compatible with the CHAdeMO charging standard available at charge points in 4,600 locations in Europe - with more being added all the time. Plus, with a charging map available on your navigation screen directing you to the nearest available station, you can be confident you’re never far from your next charge.

How can I improve my vehicle’s range?


Sensible driving is one of the keys to optimising the range of your vehicle. Thankfully, the New Nissan LEAF includes measures to support your driving style to maximise mileage. From the innovative e-Pedal - which is used for accelerating and braking - to the ECO mode which limits engine output in order to save energy, there are ways to extend your range in-built. Plus, limit the use of in-car technology and plan your journeys sensibly and you can experience the very best from your vehicle’s range.

Do other vehicle features deplete the battery?


When it comes to driving an electric vehicle, it’s worth remembering that any energy being used on in-car features will be being pulled from the battery. For example, heating and air-conditioning systems use significant amounts of energy to create the ideal climate, and you’ll quickly notice the impact on your range. Thankfully, the New Nissan LEAF features an intelligent system that enables you to heat or cool your vehicle prior to travel by using electricity from your charging point when plugged in.

How long will the battery last?


The New Nissan LEAF has been developed to deliver the very best return on any given charge. As such, building on past technology and featuring an impressive 40kWh lithium-ion battery means that the latest iteration is capable of covering 270km on the combined cycle.

For more information on electric vehicles and the New Nissan LEAF, or to ask any more questions related to this innovative model, contact the team at Windsor Nissan in Dublin, Galway, Meath, and Wicklow today.

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