Nissan LEAF Running Costs

Running costs

Since its inception, the Nissan LEAF has been redefining electric motoring in a number of ways, none more so than in enabling motorists to take advantage of affordable running costs. Let’s take a closer look at how running costs are being reduced in this innovative vehicle.

100% electric

The latest iteration of the vehicle - the New Nissan LEAF - optimises performance like never before, with fewer moving parts required for its 100% electric performance, meaning less maintenance and better efficiency.

The cost to electrically charge your Nissan LEAF battery is significantly cheaper than fueling a petrol or diesel vehicle, with it costing less than €4 for a full charge capable of over 100 miles. What’s more, with no engine oil changes, emissions tests, or vehicle tune-ups required, the cost of keeping on the road is more affordable than ever.

Vehicle car grant

With the Irish government keen to promote the use of electric and hybrid vehicles for the benefit of the environment, it is pledging support by offering vehicle grants as an incentive. As a 100% electric vehicle, the Nissan LEAF qualifies for the maximum grant - currently €5,000. The incentive to invest in an Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle has never been greater than with this opportunity to get on the road for less.

In addition to the purchase grant, the government is working with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) to provide an additional €600 as part of the Electric Vehicle Home Charger Grant for the installation of a charging port.

Advanced design

Of course, while grants and charging costs are able to help you stay mobile for less, the innovative design of the Nissan LEAF ensures this is a model built to deliver the very best performance. With a sleek aerodynamic body, you can be assured each journey is conducted with the least resistance, while instant torque and smooth acceleration ensure your driving experience will prove rewarding.

You can even benefit from roadside assistance and free rapid charging at participating dealerships to ensure you stay on the road for longer.

Discover more about the running costs of the New Nissan LEAF and the costs savings available by contacting the team at Windsor Nissan in Dublin, Galway, Meath, and Wicklow today.

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