Latest Electric Vehicle (EV) Grants and Incentives

The latest Government budget forms an important part of a lot of industries across Ireland and in no small measure to both the Motor Industry and you, Car Owners.

  • €100m to be provided in supports for EVs in 2023
  • EV Purchase Grant
    • The EV purchase grant will continue in 2023 at the current rates for the first half of 2023 (€5,000 for private purchase and €3,800 for a commercial purchase of an N1 vehicle and €3,800 for a demonstration model). The vehicle criteria will remain the same as is currently in place.
    • It was announced there will be a gradual reduction of the grant amount from July 2023 onwards.
  • EV Home Charger Grant
    • No changes
  • EV Apartment & Multi-Dwelling Unit grant
    • No changes
  • eSPSV grant
    • No changes first half of 2023 with a gradual reduction from July 2023.
  • Continuation of LEVTI (toll) scheme.
  • Continuation of AFHDV grant scheme.
  • Public charge point scheme (through Local Authorities) will be updated with details to be determined in 2023.
  • New Shared Island Scheme for destination charging at sports clubs.
  • VRT relief for BEVs to continue until end 2023.
  • No changes to the BIK with the tapering of support to begin in 2023 with 0% BIK being applicable to €35,000 of the price of the vehicle in 2023.
  • No change to VRT rates.
  • Carbon tax increase to €48.50 per tonne of CO2, adding approx. 2cent to the price of a litre of fuel, which will apply to auto fuels from 12th Oct.
  • Reduction in the NORA duty on fuel to counter the carbon tax increase on fuel, resulting in no increase at the pumps.
  • Fuel Excise Duty Reduction to continue until 28th February 2023.
  • 9% VAT rate on electricity and gas to be extended until 28th February 2023.
  • €600 electricity credit – good news for EV drivers

Note: SEAI is now open for 2023 commitments. You are now able to submit grant applications for vehicles to be delivered, registered and taxed in 2023. Please ensure you check the grant offer expiry date and ensure that you register and tax the vehicle before the grant offer expires.

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Home Charger Grant

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Benefits & Savings

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