St. John Ambulance provides community lifeline with Windsor cars​

We were delighted to team up with the St. John Ambulance team to provide a fleet of Nissan Qashqai vehicles which will help them to deliver medication and food to vulnerable members of the community, and also to transport vital PPE equipment to hospitals and nursing homes. These volunteering frontline heroes will care for communities in counties Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Mayo and Cavan.

The dedicated members of St. John Ambulance have proven to be a valuable lifeline to those who are staying at home and who have no other way of picking up food and medications during the COVID-19 crisis.

The organisation is also playing a critical role in supporting the HSE and nursing homes in some areas with logistical tasks including the distribution and delivery of life-saving PPE equipment.​

St. John Ambulance is working closely with An Garda Siochana, pharmacies and other local charities to identify where its support is needed most in local communities. The support it is receiving from Windsor will help the organisation to reach as many people as possible.

Our volunteers are active in their communities and working hard to identity those in need and to provide them with the support they require. These Nissan Qashqai cars will be put to use in a number of counties to reach as many people as possible,” said Dr. Keith Kennedy, St. John Ambulance.

St. John Ambulance is one of Ireland’s great community organisations. Their work in delivering medications and food supplies to those who are unable to avail of any alternative solution is helping to save lives,” said Peter Nicholson, Managing Director of Windsor.

We are delighted to support the organisation’s dedicated volunteers and their tireless work to maintain a link with the most vulnerable in our society and as they continue to do whatever they can to provide logistical support to the HSE and nursing homes in other areas,