What's Your Car Sign? Let Windsor Help You Find Your Driving Dream Valentine...

It is a well documented phenomenon that we not only attach emotionally to our cars, but that at times we personify them to the point that our interaction mirrors that of a human relationship. We name our cars, we say they have the flu when they break down, and that we have broken up with them when we trade them in for a new model! Much too has been written about how people purchase cars to match their personality. So to save you those pangs of heartache on frosty mornings and long goodbyes at the showroom this Valentine's Day, Windsor has found a fun way to help you to choose your perfect match!

What's Your Car Sign? Aries, Leo, or Scorpio...?

So, if you are truly embracing this Valentine's Day and having a sneaky peak at your horoscope... Just imagine that the perfect match could be sitting waiting to blink their headlights for you in a local showroom... and here are your most compatible candidates:

Aries - New Nissan Micra

Courageous, optimistic and eager to lead - our New Nissan Micra with its new edgy design, fun, compact and stylish exterior, angled bonnet and high glass-to-bodywork ratio is a superb choice for a fellow Aries. Its 0.9-litre turbo charged three-cylinder petrol engine can hit 60mph in just 12 seconds giving you that all important Aries confidence and glow.

Winner - Irish Small Car of the Year 2018

Taurus - Mazda CX-5

Stable, sturdy, and simultaneously practical and elegant our Mazda CX-5 with its combined outstanding build quality, exceptional stability and subtly glamorous performance makes for a perfect choice for a fellow Taurus. The 2.0-litre petrol engine hits 60mph in under 11 seconds – and will hold its own among its contemporaries.

Winner - Best Crossover Award 2018 (Auto Express Magazine)

Gemini - Nissan Qashqai

Dramatic yet ready for off-road adventure while getting much done at once, our Nissan Qashqai SUV with its sweeping lines and semi-dramatic appearance, elevated driving position, and multi-purpose functionality is the choice for a fellow Gemini. Engines include a petrol DIG-T 115 and a more powerful DIG-T 163 with 240Nm of torque – both of which are turbo charged. Perfect for weekend adventure and the run about town.

Winner - Best Small SUV 2018 (What Car? Magazine)

Cancer - Opel Grandland X

Tenacious, loyal, and persuasive our Opel Grandland X with its dynamic, safe and fun driving is a most congruent choice for a fellow Cancer. The 1.2 litre all-aluminum Turbo petrol direct injection engine delivers 96 kW/130 hp and maximum torque of 230 Nm from 1,750 rpm. All of this, not to mention its Forward Collision Warning with Automatic Emergency Braking and pedestrian detection is most suitable for any cautious Cancer.

Winner - European NCAP Safety Award 2018

Leo - Nissan Juke

Attention seeking, creative, and big hearted our Nissan Juke with its impression making exterior and sporty personality is an auspicious choice for a fellow Leo.

Enjoy a commanding view of the road ahead from your elevated driving position and the comfort of deep bucket seats. Prepare for fun when you jump behind the wheel... the 187bhp DIG-T petrol hits 60mph in just 7.8 seconds and ensures you turn heads while out and about.

Virgo - Peugeot 3008

Loyal, analytical and hardworking our Peugeot 3008 is an exceptionally accomplished family car. With its neat and understated exterior, yet eminently practical interior and technology this model truly is the choice of a fellow Virgo. Entry-level Active Grades are typically fitted with a 1.2-litre 131bhp petrol engine, and given that it has been awarded the prestigious European and Irish Car of the Year accolade for 2017, the widely-acclaimed Peugeot 3008 is an exceptionally upmarket choice.

Winner - European Car of the Year 2017/ Irish Car of the Year 2018

Libra - Opel Insignia

​Gracious, fair-minded and diplomatic our Opel Insignia with its elegant, connected and intelligent design makes your trips on the open road smoother and more enjoyable than ever. The distinctive fast-back design, coupé-style contours and sleek lines aren’t just eye-catching – they also offer superior aerodynamics to enhance your experience​. A perfect Libra choice. 

Winner - Connected Car Awards 2018 (Auto Bild Awards)

Scorpio - Mazda MX-5

Brave, passionate and secretive our Mazda MX-5 with its sublimely sculpted exterior and distinct presence is the ultimate choice for a fellow Scorpio. The aerodynamic silhouette features ultra-contemporary KUDO – Soul of Motion design language to appeal to all your senses. A convertible hard-top also captures attention, as do cool alloy wheels and a bold exhaust. Sharp headlights and an elongated windscreen ensure that a Scopio owner will make their presence felt instantaneously.

Winner - Red Dot Award 2017

Sagittarius - Nissan X-Trail

Idealistic, freedom-loving, and generous our Nissan X-Trail with its big profile and a muscular body make the new X-Trail stand out from the crowd. Roof rails and a sharp rear spoiler add a decidedly sporty edge to make this the ultimate adventurer's car. So, if you're a Sagittarius this model is definitely for you!

Capricorn - Peugeot 5008

Responsible, disciplined and in possession of great self control our Peugeot 5008 with its austere ambition and spec-perfect exterior and interior detail from head to toe, is the ultimate Capricorn choice. Especially appealing and contained, this safe and high performance choice is the choice of Capricorns.

Winner - Irish Times Car of the Year 2018

Aquarius - New Nissan LEAF

Humanitarian, progressive and original our New Nissan LEAF 2.Zero with its zero emissions technology and intelligent mobility philosophy is a most avant-garde Aquarian choice. A part of the green revolution from the outset, this 100-percent-electric hatchback has an aerodynamic design that balances form and function. Thanks to 24kWh and 30kWh batteries, costs are as low as 2p per mile and the New LEAF has a 378-Km range. Charge it through a domestic plug socket (it takes 12 hours to do so), or Nissan’s home charging unit (four to eight hours). Switch to rapid mode and you’ll hit 80 percent charge inside 30 minutes. What a wonderful Aquarius candidate.

Winner - Award for Self-Driving Technology 2017 and Nominee for World Green Car of the Year 2018

So, there we have it. 12 perfect choices for 12 perfect personality types! If you see yourself driving stress free today, or if you prefer to argue with your 'Betsy' then why not choose one of our exceptional choices above. Call us, call into us, or better still email us below to enquire about your perfect match! Happy Valentine's Day!

(Photo credits: Windsor Group and Pixabay.com)